Last mile prosperity, the digitalization impact on Shea Nut Farmers in Uganda  

In Africa, shea nuts stand as a crucial cash crop, involving over 16 million households and contributing significantly to rural economies. Specifically in East Africa, the shea nut industry sustains numerous families, with a substantial portion of shea butter being exported globally.   Uganda, with approximately 16,000 shea nut farmers, particularly in Northern Uganda, experiences steady […]

Stella Rose Alungat is Inspiring Farmers in Abim District to Embrace Digitalization 

In the beautiful landscapes of Abim District, where challenges abound, farmers have long grappled with issues ranging from insecurity to a lack of digital skills. The remote nature of the area poses logistical challenges, making transportation a tedious task for both people and crucial agricultural inputs. This harsh reality encapsulates the daily struggles faced by […]

Accelerating Innovation in the Financial Sector: Insights from the Africa FinTech Summit 

Accelerating Innovation in the Financial Sector: Insights from the Africa FinTech Summit 

In recent years, the African financial technology (FinTech) sector has experienced significant growth, driven by a combination of regulatory reforms, an increased adoption of digital technology, and a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit. Like other nations in Africa, Uganda has witnessed a notable surge in the adoption of innovative financial solutions, leading to enhanced financial inclusion and […]

Innovation Village empowering local solutions at the MWC GSMA 2023 Kigali  

The recent Global System for Mobile Communications Association conference (GSMA) 2023 in Kigali was remarkable. Held on October 19, 2023, at the Kigali Convention Center, the global event intended to unify the mobile ecosystem to discover, develop and deliver innovation foundational to positive business environments and societal change with a vision is to unlock the […]

Mastercard and Equity Bank to work together to foster financial inclusion in Uganda

Uganda, 2, October 2023: Mastercard and Equity Bank Uganda signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at improving financial inclusion for digitally excluded individuals, communities and businesses in Uganda.  Equity Bank intends to leverage Mastercard’s Community Pass solution to:  Mastercard Community Pass is a set of platform services that enables digital inclusion and provides a commercially […]

The Digital Revolution for the agricultural sector in Uganda

The agricultural sector in Africa has witnessed a remarkable journey of transformation over the years. From traditional farming practices to embracing modern technologies, this evolution has brought about substantial changes in the way farming is conducted, particularly in East Africa and Uganda. The advent of digital solutions has played a pivotal role in reshaping the […]

The Digital Economy Program, unlocking opportunities for innovators solving for the last mile.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the digital economy has emerged as a powerful force, transforming industries, creating new job opportunities, and connecting people like never before. Recognizing the potential of the burgeoning digital economy to uplift lives and livelihoods, The Innovation Village partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to launch the Digital Economy Program a few […]